Where fun
Meets Chaos

A strategic, fast-paced auto-brawler turbocharged with exhilaration.

Your Team
Equip & level up
Secure Your


Simple to Play
Tough to Master

With so much to discover along the way, there’s no limit to crafting your strategy as you battle your way to the top.

How to Play

Own What You Win

Your victories transcend the game, giving you complete control to play with, upgrade, burn for GG, trade, or sell any items you win.

Tons of Epic prizes

Ascend the leaderboard and snag priceless prizes! There's a treasure trove of rewards waiting for those who rise to the top.

yourself & Win Big

Choose your risk and reap the rewards! Pick between easy, medium, or hard difficulty levels to face opponents at your skill level or higher. The higher the risk, the bigger the win!

PVP Mayhem

Face off against stored gameplay data from others in the community.

Gaming Rebooted

Skill based rewards powered by Reboot's unstoppable arcade

Smart Matching

Reboot tracks your skill level so your brawls are always fun.

Get your Brawl On

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